Friday, May 20, 2011


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Looks like this family's conscience was working overtime!!!

Earlier this week, Salt Lake City man Josh Ferrin and family closed a deal on a new home. When Josh entered the garage, he found a hatch, climbed inside, and pulled out a metal box…which contained A LOT of money!

Here's what Ferrin had to say about it:

"I freaked out, locked it [in] my car, and called my wife to tell her she wouldn't believe what I had found."

After that, he found more boxes filled with money, and in total he discovered $40,000 in boxes and $5,000+ dollars on a table in the hatch.

More from Ferrin:

"I'm not perfect, and I wish I could say there was never any doubt in my mind. We knew we had to give it back, but it doesn't mean I didn't think about our car in need of repairs, how we would love to adopt a child and aren't able to do that right now, or fix up our outdated house that we just bought. But the money wasn't ours to keep and I don't believe you get a chance very often to do something radically honest, to do something ridiculously awesome for someone else and that is a lesson I hope to teach to my children."

Sure enough, Josh returned the money to its rightful owners. Here's what Kay Bangerter (one of the rightful owners) had to say about it:

"He grew up in hard times and people that survived that era didn't have anything when they came out of it unless they saved it themselves. He was a saver, not a spender. [This is] a story that will outlast our generation and probably yours as well."

And more from Ferrin:

"I'm a father, and I worry about the future for my kids. I can see him putting that money away for a rainy day and it would have been wrong of me to deny him that thing he worked on for years. I felt like I got to write a chapter in his life, a chapter he wasn't able to finish and see it through to its conclusion."

What would YOU do?


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