Friday, July 22, 2011

Vanilla Ice says J-Bieb's career will soon fade?

A little harsh, and maybe a little bitter..But maybe a little true? What do you think?

According to

In a recent interview, Vanilla Ice compares Justin Bieber's career to his own!

Vanilla Ice suffered a large fall from fame, and he thinks Bieber will too, saying:

My prediction about Bieber is that he’s going to go through one of those weekends that lasts a few years because he’s had such success as a child act. You know, then something else new will come along and he’ll be forgotten and he can try to put all the pieces back together, so it’s going to be entertaining to watch.


Um, we don't mean to criticize your own career, Vanilla Ice, but we're pretty sure Justin isn't going to wander away from the limelight quite the same as you did.

The guy has dangerous mobs of fans, a number of hits, and great connections and relationships within the biz.

Not to mention his rise to fame is in a completely different generation. With the internet being as prominent as it is, we feel like that helps keep new stars in the loop of their fans and vice versa.

What do U think of his comment?


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