Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lady Gaga- Most Powerful Female Celebrity

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According to

According to Forbes, it is official!

Lady GaGa is not only The Queen of Pop, but now she is also the world's most powerful female celebrity.

The list, which comes out annually, is usually one filled with politicians and CEOS, but due to heavy influence and strong presence during major events, celebrities tend to sprinkle over too.

Coming in at #11 (out of 100), GaGa surpasses Beyonce (#18) and even Oprah Winfrey (#14)!

The women are ranked on a three-metric system of dollars, traditional and social media components, and power base points.

There were a few other celebrities making the list too: Angelina Jolie(#29), Diane Sawyer (#47), Ellen DeGeneres (#55), Anna Wintour(#69), and J.K. Rowling (#61).

GaGa has been super busy lately preparing for her very exciting VMAsurprise.

We're like a little kid about to go on their favorite roller coaster, we can't wait at all!


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