Saturday, October 22, 2011

DTWS Hopeful?

This is kinda weird.....

According to
Who would be your partner, Pee-Wee? Captain CarlMiss Yvonne? …..Clocky???
During a recent interview, Pee-Wee Herman actor Paul Reubensannounced that he wants to perform on Dancing With the Stars next season!
Here's what he had to say about it:
"I hope to be dancing myself on Dancing With the Stars next season! That's why I'm there all the time, to get my face up there. Trying to butter up the producers and everything. Jury's out, I haven't heard yet."
As long as this doesn't get in the way of that upcoming Pee-Wee Herman movie, we say he should go for it!
Speaking of that movie, we haven't heard any updates since July. That's still happening, right?
What do U think? Would Pee-Wee Herman make a good contestant onDWTS???


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