Thursday, October 27, 2011

Has Snooki had a little work done?

According to
Many may think that “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has gone under the knife, but the reality star tells Access Hollywood that her fears have always prevented her from getting a boob job.
“I actually want to get a boob job because I love Jenni’s boobs,” Snooki told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Jill Martin about her busty roommate, JWoww.
“Everyone I’ve ever known who has had boob jobs says it’s awesome!” she continued.
But Snooki’s fears have stopped her from upping her cup size.
“I’m scared because if I go under anesthesia, I’m scared I’m going to be awake the whole time,” she said, recounting tales of people going under but still being able to feel the procedure.
Instead of getting plastic surgery, the reality star offered up a natural alternative.
“I encourage women to wear two bras, to make it look like you have fake boobies if you’re scared to get surgery or don’t want to,” she said.
Snooki also revealed to Access that she has a few superstar celebrities in her phone’s address book.
“I have Bieber’s and Rihanna,” she told Jill, saying she’s messaged them. “And I love Rihanna.”


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