Sunday, February 5, 2012

He doesn't really need the money anyways I guess! Check out the story below from about how one of Jay Z's many business ventures isn't going so fab

From chart-topping singles to taking care of his newborn daughter Blue Ivy, Jay-Z has definitely "made it."

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean everything he touches turns to platinum. Nowhere has Shawn Corey Carter stumbled as greatly as in his clothing business, Rocawear.

Since launching the company in 1995, Jay-Z's apparel line has seen its ups and downs. But this winter has proved especially rocky, with a global sales dip of $500 million that caused the company's Manhattan store to lay off half of its 56 employees.

But Jay-Z refuses to be defeated: The rapper is launching a commercial to remind his fans of his impoverished beginnings, "Empire State Of Mind" style.

Women's Wear Daily reports (via OMG! From Yahoo) that the black and white spots will be titled "From Marcy to Madison Square," tracking the moguls career from Brooklyn's projects to New York's most venerable concert venue.

Back in November, Jay-Z caused a stir when Rocawear allegedly sold "Occupy All Streets" t-shirts without giving any revenues to the Occupy Wall St. movement they were inspired by.

"Holy smokes. Those 'Occupy All Streets' t-shirts sold out faster than Rick Perry can name three agencies. If you missed out on the first batch, we've got your back like scoliosis," a post on the Roc4Life blog said. "Rocawear has already restocked the fancy black tops -- available in all sizes via"


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