Monday, April 16, 2012

Justin Timberlake Now Designing Home Produucts


He's a singer, actor and a successful clothing designer, and now Justin Timberlake is set to tackle another frontier -- home goods.

Timberlake announced his latest project today, HomeMint, a collection of home goods and art he designed and curated with his longtime interior designer and stylist, Estee Stanley. The collection will be available exclusively online at, to members who pay a monthly fee of $10 to enjoy discounts and early access to new products, and nonmembers alike.

"I like very clean, almost modern architecture, and the obstacle with something like that is making it extremely warm, because it doesn't naturally lend itself to that," Timberlake tells Elle Decor about his design inspiration. "With everything we (Estee) do together, we try to get the juxtaposition right. To make pieces and rooms that are multifaceted, that blend different genres of architecture and design."

And clearly, he's taking the new endeavor just as seriously as he takes his various other passions in life.

"I'll sit and I'll look at hardware for hours. Literally, for hours, I'll sit and compare hardware," he says about his passion for design. "The devil's in the details. I mean, it's your home, it has to be your own. I like a lot of different things and the challenge is taking all the pieces you love and finding the common thread between them so it doesn't look like it's all just thrown into the same room. ... It's almost like being in the studio, or on a movie. Suddenly, hours have gone by without us even noticing. And we've even gotten a lot done -- and enjoyed it.


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