Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Super Hero Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling gets a lot of press around his almost-too-perfect capabilities, and frankly, he hasn't done much to disprove it. Between breaking up a fight last year, proving that beards are forever hot and creating a seemingly awesome documentaryabout political apathy and Occupy, Gosling can't go wrong.

And now, the Canadian heartthrob and star of last year's "Drive" and "Ides of March" has done something even better -- he's actually saved a woman's life. As reported on Twitter earlier this evening, Gosling grabbed British journalist Laurie Penny as she walked into the road and was almost hit by a taxi while looking the wrong way.

But we can tell it no better than the lucky lady herself:

Laurie Penny
I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened.

Laurie Penny
I was crossing 6th avenue in a new pink wig. Not looking the right way because I am from London. Ryan Gosling grabbed me away from a taxi.

Laurie Penny
He did not say 'hey, girl.' He said 'hey, watch out!'

Laurie Penny
Identity of no-idea-if-actually-a-manarchist-but-definitely-a-decent-sort Ryan Gosling confirmed by girl near me, who said 'you lucky bitch'

Our sentiments exactly.

Now here's hoping there's no sudden rush of people "accidentally" walking into the streets in the hopes that Gosling can save them. Because after all, the man can't be everywhere at once -- or can he?


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