Saturday, November 19, 2011

Astro Boy and his Attitude

I know he's a kid, but maybe he's not ready for this kinda stuff?

According to

And now it all makes sense!

Actually, it makes what this kid did even MORE effed up!

We reported yesterday EXCLUSIVELY on that Astro had caused quite a bit of problems on X Factor this week when he not only acted like a petulant child and refused to perform after being knocked to the bottom two and facing elimination, but also outright disregarded producers when he went on-stage wearing Dr. Dre's Beats headphones around his neck, which the reality competition does not have the right to air due to licensing, and are now probably facing one hell of a fine!

WELL, a Perezcious reader sent us THIS photo (above), which sheds a whole 'lotta light on why this was such an issue - because X Factorclearly has an endorsement deal with a completely different, COMPETING BRAND of headphones by Sony!

So, so not cool! There's NO denying this kid has talent, but clearly, his maturity level and lack of respect for what an opportunity he's been giving leave MUCH to be desired, and when he's costing the network this kind of money out of pure FOOLISHNESS, then we doubt he'll be sticking around much longer!

Which is a REAL SHAME, because we've been rooting for him!

You have a bright future ahead of you, Astro, but if you keep up this kind of nonsense, it will be all over before it really begins for you. We suggest you take a long, hard look at your behavior, and apologize to the X Factor team - before it's too late!


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