Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blake Lively Hot Celebrity Photo Gallery

About Blake Lively:
Blake Lively was born August 25, 1987.She is an American actress. Born in Los Angeles to actors, Lively is the youngest of five siblings.Some girls grow up dreaming of a career in Hollywood. Others, like Blake Lively, have to be dragged into it by their brothers. Blake’s parents were both talent agents in L.A., so she had nothing but doors open. Still, she resisted Tinseltown’s siren call. So, brother Eric went behind her back and secretly signer her up with his agent. 
Blake Lively 01
 Blake Lively 02
 Blake Lively03
 Blake Lively 04
 Blake Lively 05
 Blake Lively 06
 Blake Lively 07
 Blake Lively 08
 Blake Lively 09
 Blake Lively 10
 Blake Lively 11
 Blake Lively 12
 Blake Lively 13
 Blake Lively 14
 Blake Lively 15
 Blake Lively 16
 Blake Lively 17
 Blake Lively 18
 Blake Lively 19
 Blake Lively 20
 Blake Lively 21
 Blake Lively 22
 Blake Lively 23
 Blake Lively 24
 Blake Lively 25
 Blake Lively 26
 Blake Lively 27
Blake Lively 28


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