Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Return of Dawsons Creek?

I may or may not have a HUGE soft spot for a little Dawsons Creek... I also may even have a few of the seasons.....

BUT. This would be kinda weird. Could you imagine Katie Holmes as Joey again? I think it would be a little difficult!

According to

Oh boy, you guys. Oh boy. Oh boy.

The possibilities of this happening are getting greater and greater.

We've always secretly hoped for a ten year Dawson's Creek reunion movie, just one last splash at Capeside with all our old friends, but as time went on, and certain castmembers' careers, ahem, 'fluctuated,' it became less and less likely Kevin Williamson could wrangle the gang back for a little nostalgic fun!

However, the suspected biggest holdout was Katie Holmes, and she recently admitted that stepping into the role of Joey Potter "would be fun," and now, Michelle Williams, the suspected other, has also announced that she'd be down - even though her character Jen Lindley SPOILER ALERT died in series finale from a fatal heart condition!

She says:

"In a heartbeat I would go back, but I would have to go back as a ghost."


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