Friday, November 25, 2011

BEHIND The Scenes with Lady Gaga

We all know she does a LOT of stuff on purpose... Mostly ridiculous.. But did she show a little too much skin on purpose?

According to

Lady Gaga
’s super high-cut dress at the International Emmys Monday night in NYC was this close to exposing her little monster -- but TMZ has learned, it wasn’t made that way.

A rep for the designer -- St├ęphane Rolland Haute Couture in France -- tells us, the asymmetrical frock came straight off the catwalk ... meaning it was intended to be worn by a model much taller than Gaga.

According to the rep, “The slit came way further up her waist than what our designers had in mind."

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, St├ęphane Rolland insists, “We’re not mad that the dress ended up looking like that on Gaga ... she does make it a little naughtier!”


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