Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Eating Chocolate Make You Slim?

Well THIS is some great news! Wishing I had a chocolate stash now.

According to

People who eat chocolate frequently tend to have a lower body mass index than those who don't eat it as often, U.S. researchers have found.

For the study in Monday's online issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers asked 1,017 healthy men and women aged 20 to 85 how many times a week they ate chocolate. Participants also filled in questionnaires about their diet and lifestyle.

Study author Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a professor in the medical department at the University of California, San Diego, advised people to feel less guilty about indulging in the sweet treat.

"I joke that chocolate is my favourite vegetable," Golomb said in an email.

In the study, Golomb and her colleagues concluded that adults who ate chocolate more frequently had a lower BMI than those who ate it less often.

Earlier studies suggested that chocolate has beneficial effects on metabolism, which may extend to lower body mass index, the researchers said.


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