Thursday, March 29, 2012

Katy Perry Wants Everyone To Know She's Still Single

Keep it single girl!!


Despite reports that she's been up close and personal with the super seksi Baptiste Giabiconi, Katy Perry is maintaining that she is, in fact, still single!

The pop star, who divorced Russell Brand earlier in the year and was said to have moved on to the model when they met at Paris Fashion Week, wrote via Twitter last night:

"Just ate a ton of garlic, heard it's an immune booster #hopeitwerks #mandeflecter #singleandsatisfied"

HA! If that doesn't say "I'm not interested in a relationship" we don't know what does!

And why should she be? She's just been through a divorce!

Her main focus should be having fun and getting back to what makes HER happy, not rebounding!

Enjoy the single life, gurl!

And if you have to pick up a few super handsome male models along the way for some funsies, then so be it! Ha!


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