Thursday, March 1, 2012

Should Single Women Wear a Wedding Band While Travelling?

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The latest version of a travel brochure released by the Canadian government has sparked some controversy among those who have no interest in lying about their marital status. The "greater obstacles" faced by women travelling alone, especially in relation to cultural and religious beliefs, could require donning a wedding band, whether it's real or fake.

"Her Own Way: A Women's Safe Travel Guide" was first published by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in 2000, and outlines female-specific tips for travelling. Its advice includes coping with sexual harassment and ways to find safe accommodation, "one of a woman traveller's primary goals."

But as OpenFile Toronto reported earlier this week, the 2011 version -- the third reprinting of the brochure -- includes information about travelling that can also mean changing your relationship. "Wear a (fake) wedding ring," it reads. "Also carry a photo of your husband (or an imaginary one), which you can show to persistent suitors. Being seen as married will lower your profile and stave off uninvited advances."

"The suggested strategy to 'wear a (fake) wedding ring' was first included in the most recent edition of the guide, following extensive consultations with dozens of experienced women travellers, missions abroad, consular case management officers and travel experts," explained Foreigns Affairs spokesperson Jean-Bruno Villeneuve told the Huffington Post Canada in an email. He went on to say that the advice was situation-specific, rather than country-specific.


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