Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tina Fey Misses Lindsay's SNL Performance

I would make sure to be on set just to see if she turns into a crazy mess!!

According to

But surprisingly, not by choice!

Although Tina Fey was set to appear on Lindsay Lohan's return to theSaturday Night Live stage this past weekend, the comedienne was forced to miss out - because her children were both under the weather!

Apparently, the actress had hoped that Fey - who, like, invented her cast her way back before she messed her up her life and career in 2004's Mean Girls - would appear in her opening monologue after reaching out to her personally, but at the last minute, the former head writer of the sketch series had turn it down!

Her representative explains:

“Tina was committed to doing the monologue with Lindsay but both of her children got sick. She was unable to participate as planned."

Boo! You whore!

Lindsay could have certainly used the laughs that Tina no doubt would have brought!

But she had quite a few special guests on hand as it was, and the episode still fell pretty flat, so really - it's probably for the best that circumstances kept her from being there!

Maybe if she really wants to reunite, she can write gurlfriend a guest spot on 30 Rock!

Hope your kiddies are feeling better, gurl!


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